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AHO - Selywn Village

The Auckland Harp Orchestra played its second concert of the year at eh Selwyn Retirement Village on Saturday the 3rd September.

As with all their other concerts, I was there to help out and take photos. These are now in the gallery. If you need access please contact Anna or email me on ian@ianpiddington.com for the access details. 

For more information about the AHO please see their Facebook group here

Auckland Harp Orchestra

I have been involved with the Auckland Harp Orchestra since it started in 2013. I regularly go along to rehearsals as well as helping out at performances.

Of the 1000's of photos I have taken of the orchestra there are galleries available of some of my more favourite images. These are password protected but if you want to be able to view them please get in touch with either Anna Dunwoodie, AHO's leader, or myself and we can give you access.