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MOTAT is the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland. It has been around for just over 50 years. One of the areas they are proud of is their Trams. In the collection are 11 working trams that are run along the public streets between MOTAT 1 and MOTAT 2. All bar one of these are electric trams, the one odd one is a steam tram. Originally from Australia, it is one of 3 remaining in Australia/New Zealand that is still in running order.

One of my friends in the SCA is also a steam enthusiast and volunteers at MOTAT to help keep their steam engines working. Most of his time is spent on the tram.

Last weekend they had the tram out as there was a tour group of railway enthusiasts, so I went along to have a ride and take some photos.

Auckland Harp Orchestra

I have been involved with the Auckland Harp Orchestra since it started in 2013. I regularly go along to rehearsals as well as helping out at performances.

Of the 1000's of photos I have taken of the orchestra there are galleries available of some of my more favourite images. These are password protected but if you want to be able to view them please get in touch with either Anna Dunwoodie, AHO's leader, or myself and we can give you access.

What No Helmet

What No Helmet, a band that I am associated with. Played the Lucha Lounge in Newmarket, Auckland. I was invited to attend and got the opportunity to get some shots in of the boys. Select photos from the gig are here.

SCA Crown Tourney

The first weekend in May was The Kingdom of Lochac's may crown tournament. This year marks AS50 or the 50th year of the society.

The Crown Tournaments are hosted by different member groups and this one was held by the Ildhafn (Auckland) group. The event itself had a number of things happening from Archery, to metal weapon fighting to a banquet, but the main event was the heavy fighters tournament for the crown itself. As a member of the SCA I was in attendance and shot the main tournament. Photos are in the Sets gallery here